Saturday, January 14, 2012

First tutorial! :D

Yaay! Here's the first tutorial, don't really know what to call it yet. I think it looks kind of futuristic/spacey. Well, I hope you like it (:

Here comes a short explanation of each step:
1. Base coat, always a base coat!
2. I painted my nails with a quite opaque gray color, since I knew the silver I was going to use later is a bit sheer.
3. A coat of metallic silver polish.
4. I painted the half moon shapes with black acrylic paint (It looks messy at this point, but it will get better^^)
5. I filled in the spaces between the black lines with a white acrylic paint. And of course you could just stop and top coat at this step to finish the design, but I felt like keep on going.
6. By now I switched to black nail polish and painted a thin contour all around the nail. And the reason that I did this step with nail polish is that it would chip off so easily if I would have used acrylic paint so close to the edges of the nail.
7. Top coat the design to seal it in and it's done! (:
The reason my design turned out looking kind of weird is cause my top coat is a bit old and not of the best quality (can't afford a new one) so it messes up the design.

Hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to comment and show me if you tried out this yourself. (: 


  1. I really like the idea of painting black all around the nail, it looks awesome! I think this would look great in some other colours=)

  2. Yeah, I really like it too (: And yes, of course it would ^__^