Sunday, January 8, 2012

Old designs (:

Wiiie, nails! So I thought that I'd start of with 15 nail designs that I did last year, starting with the oldest ones  and then newer. So that you'll kinda know what's coming too, hope you like it (:

1. Sprinkles/Cupcake design I did on a friend of mine about a year ago. (:
2. Blue gradient french tip with some rhinestones, simple but I like it a lot. 
3. Also a very simple design, but still eye-catching. (: 
4. The ONLY water marble design that came out quite awesome. Holy crap water marbling is hard!! xD
5.  Newspaper  nails! I cut small pieces of newspaper and attached them with topcoat. I think it looks rather arts and craftsy with the heart (:
6. The first attempt at the nail dragging technique, I guess it turned out okay, but could have been better  ^^ 
7.  Floral design, painted with different colored acrylic paints in the same brush. 
8. Spatter! Colorful splatter design, love it! (:
9. Henna tattoo inspired design I did on a friend of mine.
10. Pink zebra lace? Don't know what to call it, but it's quite girly and cute ^_^
11. Nautical nail design. LOVE the rhinestone anchor :D
12. Blue floral french tip. Fits great for the spring/summer. 
13. Blue striped half moon manicure. So simple yet kinda fun (:
14. The powerpuff girls, yaay :D
15. And the last one, colorful glittery animal print! I'm so in love with animal print in general, it's so simple, fast and almost always turns out good.

So now you've seen a couple of designs from the past year, and I will probably post more old ones later on. Hope you liked the designs! (: 


  1. Gorgeous manicures, you're talented!

  2. Oh, wow, you really are talented! I like all of them very much, they are amazing! Couldn't choose a favourite! But I have to say those Powerpuff girls! Can't wait to see more of them in the future!

  3. beautiful nail art ! congrats !

  4. WOW, so cool you saw my blog, I'm a huge fan. Thank you soo much :D

  5. I love all your designs! Great ideas for inspiration! Keep up the awesome designs!